So, BSU… what do you want?

by Cindy Kane, Director of Student Involvement and Leadership

Representatives of a few of our student organizations and their advisors are spending today at a Leadership Retreat, facilitated by Michael Miller.  Michael is a leadership educator with a company called Fun Enterprises who works with us regularly in leadership training contexts with staff and students.

Michael asked one of our phenomenal student leaders this question:

“What do you want out of your time and your life?”

He asked the question of her to aid her in her focus on her personal fulfillment and what she is looking for from her BSU career.  Reflect on this question again….
“What do you want out of your time and your life?”

This question is definitely not simple and it’s even more complicated when there’s a leadership facilitator who is “in your face” asking and and focusing your questions. Kelly did a phenomenal job with a stressful situation and did exactly what most of us would do.

K: “Well, I want to be happy.”

Michael: “Are you a happy person now? Yes? So are you done? It’s ok if you drop dead tomorrow?”

K: “I want to keep being happy.”

Michael: “How are you going to be happy?”

K: “With a fulfilling career.”

Michael: “So, does that mean you want to be a stockbroker? You can make a lot of money this way. Does that work?”

… the conversation then went briefly to her specific goals and what could advance her personal fulfillment in life here at BSU and beyond. Can you state your personal goals for your time and your life when asked point blank?

“What do you want out of your time and your life?”

If you’re still trying to clarify what you want from your time at BSU, I’d recommend a few things:
Personal mission. What is your own personal mission statement? Companies and departments have one…so why not you? Franklin Covey has a great link to a “personal mission statement builder” that can help you get started.
Your Retirement Party. I know it may be a long way off, but visualize your own retirement party.  What are you retiring from? Who is there with you at the party? What are they saying about you?
Your “Board of Advisors.” When you are searching for direction in your life, there are likely people who you trust for wisdom. Consider these trusted people as your personal “Board of Advisors” for the corporation of You.  These advisors could meet together or may never meet, but you should seek a diverse group who offers a variety of roles. Fast Company suggests these roles:
  • Connector: Someone who can lead you to other people
  • Challenger: who will help you act boldly
  • Wise Elder/Sage: Someone with wisdom and experience
Does your Board of Advisors have any vacancies? Who do you know that you could learn more from?
These three basic suggestions could start things moving forward to helping you answer this important question.
Post here and tell me, What do you want from your time and your life?
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One response to “So, BSU… what do you want?”

  1. Alexis Kay says :

    Thanks Cindy for sharing part of this day… I followed most of it on Twitter but it seems like SGA, PC and RHA got a lot out of the retreat. This post is starting to make me really think… what do I want out of life? I will probably use the referred website to build a personal mission statement while using the values that Michael Miller helped the OLs last summer find about themselves.

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