Involvement Fair 101: Is Your Group Ready?

by Joanne Darrigo, Graduate Assistant

As many of you know the Involvement Fair is an extraordinary opportunity to help promote BSU’s clubs and organizations. It can be a bit overwhelming pulling together a display of  what it is you want others to know about your club. Here are my top 5 helpful hints on making the most of the Involvement Fair!

1. Membership

Use your table at the fair as a recruitment tool. Everyone who stops to inquire is a potential member of your club, and this is your opportunity to reel them in. Have an email list where students can sign up for more information about meeting times, open eboard positions, and upcoming events that your club is putting on.  Here’s the crucial part though… You have to follow up with every student who signs up! Follow up with more information, whether it be with your first meeting time or your open house. It may even be a good idea to pass out business cards with your clubs email address on it so students have a way to follow up with your club if they have questions.

2. Advertise

This is your time to entice students with all of the events your club is busy planning for the year. Have giveaways from previous events, have photos, music, and videos of upcoming events. The more visual you can be the more interested students are going to become, and the more likely they are to attend your events.

3. Excite

If you are excited about the work your club is doing it is inevitable others will feed off of your excitement. Be proud about what your club has to offer and share that with students who are passing by. Have your clubs logo or banner at the table, show unity and where your club t-shirts. Have an interactive table where students can play a game or win a prize.

4. Showcase

Your club has worked hard to get where it is today so don’t be afraid to show off everything you have done! Talk up previous events, or any work your club is doing at the school or in the community. Have visuals or event tangibles for students to really get a feel for your work. This is also the time for you to celebrate everything your club has accomplished. It is ok to brag sometimes about how great your organization is!

5.  Educate

If you want to gain buy-in from students you need them to know what it is your club does. Have an FAQ sheet at the table for members working, this way everyone is on the same page and has up to date correct information. You could also have a list of conversation starters for members working the table, so no matter who is at the table there will always be something to talk about! Make sure all members know what your clubs mission is, the events you plan, the work you do around the school, and in the community.

The involvement fair is the perfect opportunity for all clubs and organizations to really show students everything you have to offer, not to mention there will be chances to win 200$ in fundraising money for your organization! This year’s involvement fair theme is a birthday party in honor of the campus centers 40th year of being open! For more information on the involvement fair stop by OSIL!

Hope to see you there!

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