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The spirit of Valentine’s Day

by Cayti Buckel, Student Marketing Coordinator

“OSIL Today” posts offer some snapshots of life in OSIL on a given day.  Look forward to some fun pictures in this series this semester!

Flowers sit on display in vases, balloon reach for the ceiling, and teddy bears are as fluffy as ever. Secret gifts are scattered everywhere- candy hearts and anonymous notes fill mailboxes. What a great day to offer a smile to everyone you see!

OSIL today: Snow day edition!


Through our weekly “OSIL Today” pics we hope to show you a bit about what is happening in our world in a given week or day.  This week… the theme is still SNOW!

This has been the view from the RCC for a while now!  Seriously, this seems like it is never going to end!!  We all enjoyed a Thursday snow day in BSU land and your friendly neighborhood OSIL staff is wondering if we will work a full week at any point in time soon?

photos from Laurie Bloom, Student Marketing Coordinator

OSIL today

One of the new features for our blog this semester is “OSIL Today.” We’re going to post pictures that illustrate what we’re up to and Winter Break is a great time to start!

This is taken outside of our window. “If a tree falls on campus and no one is here over break to hear it, does it make a sound?”


Is this really OUR events calendar this week?





The Program Committee office is getting a facelift over break! It’s starting to look great!

Did you know that sorority recruitment season is nearly here?  Each snowflake on their board represents a new person who has signed up… it’s starting to get heavier! Forecast is for a blizzard of activity! Want to sign up? Click here!

Weather is a big topic around the office today as we hear Mother Nature has another storm planned mid-week.  Doesn’t she know it’s Orientation week?

See you soon, fellow Bears!


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