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Springfest = fun

by Katie Thompson, President-Elect for BSU Program Committee

No matter how you define “Springfest”, one thing always remains constant in its definition: ‘fun.’

Springfest is a week of activities and events put on for the entire Bridgewater campus. It is the last week before students begin cramming for their finals and papers they did not realize had to be completed so soon. For the new students to the community, they have found a place to belong and friendships have been formed. This week gives them a chance to spend time with their new family away from home before leaving for the summer. For the seniors, this is their final week to just be college students and spend quality time with their friends on campus.

From a community-wide carnival with rides and games, to novelty events where students can be any superhero they desire; Program Committee, with the help of SGA, works hard all year to plan a Springfest that the campus will remember. What makes this week event more enjoyable for the campus is that so many other organizations join in and sponsor events through out the week. There is a Mudbowl sponsored by the Commuter Association, a Dragfest sponsored by AWARE, and a Fire Safety demonstration from the BSU police department. This is a week where the campus really joins together to give the students a week of entertainment and fun.

This will be my third Springfest, and I have loved every minute of them so far. I have been able to ‘Go Green with Springfest ‘09’ and ‘There’s an Event for That, Springfest ’10’ and I cannot wait to transform into a Superhero this week. I love the novelty events because I can get a bunch of my friends together and go in between classes and take silly pictures with them or get my name on a drawstring bag. I also love the comedian. This is a great event because everyone gets so excited the month before Springfest to find out whom the performer will be. Then it is announced and there is a buzz around campus. And without fail, by 2pm the day of the comedian, there is a line around the corner of Tinsley Gym. This event really brings people together because no matter who you are, you can always have a good laugh. Not everyone can agree on a style of music, but everyone can laugh. The only requirement for the comedian is that you need to be eighteen years or older and have a BSU ID. I think that this is great because some of my professors have come in past years with their children from other schools. The comedian is my favorite Springfest event because I love seeing the campus get so excited and join together for a good laugh before the craziness of finals begin.